#NFInspoSeries – Backyard

Looking for inspiration in the backyard, we have you covered.

We have tonnes of items that will make your favourite area just perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

Imagine your ideal outdoor space and start living it.


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Artificial Greenery & Plants : Cascades


ART131 – Hanging Philodendron 77.5cm





ART122 – 71cm Plastic Leaf Bush




Artificial Greenery & Plants : Buds & Sprays


ART133 – Mini Succulent 11.5cm




Artificial Greenery & Plants : Potted



ART116 – 96cm Artifical Grass W Blk Pot





ART108 – Areca Palm 122cm





ART114 – Sea Grass wth Blk Pot 91cm



Decorative Faux Floral : Flowers



FW122C – Detoo Sedum Spray 46cm *CREAM




Cushions & Textiles (Outdoor)



CUT25-F – Black Stripe Cushion 50x50cm




Ceramic & Cement : Vases & Vessels




AR01W – Arch Enemy Vase 12×15*White





AR02W – Arch Nemesis Vase 13×21*White





FV02K –  Magic Flute Vase 22x40cm*Black





NC101W – White Flower Vase 26x26cm





TB01W – Kim’s Fav Vase 15×23*White





Novelty Planter Pots : Figures


PN122W – Relaxed Planter Head Wht 12×13






PN123W – Sitting Planter Head Wht 12×13




Planter Pots : Decorative Pots



IS03MB – Isto Pot Matt Black 19×18.5





IS02MB – Isto Pot Matt Black 16×17





RB01W – Ribbed Planter 12x11cm*Wht


RB02W -Ribbed Planter 13x13cm*Wht





RB03W – Ribbed Planter 17x16cm*Wht





RF01B – Ruffled Planter Black 12×13




RF02B – Ruffled Planter Black 16×16




Ceramic Mug Sets


MU02 – S/2 Cockatoo Mugs 8x10cm







MU05 – S/2 Endless Summer Mug 8x10cm





MU06 – S/2 Hidden Paradise Mug 8x10cm




Polyresin Gifts : Statuettes/Figurines




S37D – Yoga Lady Wood Look 17x24cm



Clocks & Mirrors : Mirrors



WD416B – Black Rattan Mirror 80cm