Feather Filled Cushions

We all know the importance of a good cushion chop! There are many benefits to chopping cushions (i.e. karate chopping the top to make them appear more triangular at the edges). Chopped cushions show off textural fabrics and finishes wonderfully and make cushions appear more comfortable. Styling your lounge or bed becomes a breeze as the chop can help to create the desired mismatched, layered effect we all strive for (added bonus: it will make your room look professionally decorated!) But how do you get this look? It starts with what’s inside, and more attention needs to be paid on the unseen than you think! Cushions that are softer than a cloud yet appear plump and voluminous are best achieved with high quality feather inserts. The pliable nature of a high-quality feather cushion fill cannot be replicated. But when you’re looking for feather inserts, it’s important to find the right size and weight to enhance your cushions. NF Living have taken the guesswork out of this task by finding the perfect feather insert, locally produced & never vacuum packed to maintain its precious integrity. These beautifully comfy inserts make any cushion malleable enough to truly sink into while always keeping its shape. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes with fluffing up a luxurious feather filled NF Living cushion, leaning back into a lounge or bed feeling surrounded by sumptuous comfort. There’s nothing more inviting! Discover their extensive cushion collection (all of which can be feather filled) on their website www.nf.net.au